The Mall

Today my daughter and I went to the mall without anything in particular in mind.  We shopped for people who didn't need anything from us.  We spent money that could have served some other useful purpose on people we care about who ask nothing of us because we felt like it.

Today my daughter and I, who are not Christians and have no truck with any church or organization that purports to believe or serve a god, celebrated Christmas.

In a gesture of love, we spent money on the people we love and who love us.

Today was a celebration of love.  We spent a lot of money, but we didn't worry about it because the love we feel for the people who were on our mind was our focus.

We had no idea what they wanted.

We didn't even wonder.

We cared only for the fact that we love these people and wanted our love to take physical form because physical reality in our virtual world is essential to our understanding of what is.  We know we need to touch love.

Call it a candy cane, a candle, a bottle of perfume, a sweater.  Whatever you want.  Feel your own pulse.  Know you are alive.  Await validation.   Be loved.

Our gifts are small; they are a mere token of a love that surpasses all understanding.  They are as real as love itself.

The mall is a holy place if you go there with heart.


  1. That was really a sweet deed !!!

  2. Sharing your love with others is a beautiful thing. I too celebrate love of others with gifts and also with prayer and thanksgiving that they are all in my life. I so enjoy this time of year and all that comes with it. Including all the shopping. I especially love seeing a lit Christmas tree!!! Hehehehehe!!
    Merry Christmas Sandy!!

  3. I don't know if I can make a mall a holy place but...the objects that come from there can be moved into a lump of love for someone for sure.

  4. To me Christmas has always been mostly about being with the ones I love.;) The gifts are secondary and the smallest gifts are the best.;)
    Have a great Sunday dear Sandy.;)

  5. I'm glad you like going to the mall. I go to Amazon dot come and some of the pop up shops downtown.

    Christmas is like several holidays all rolled into one super duper deal.

  6. wow, sandy. this is powerful.

  7. Sandy, what a beautiful Spirit you have - the true Christmas one. I guess all becomes sacred if we have a pure heart. Nice writing.

  8. I love to give so I can totally relate to the joy you felt on this day at the mall. Heartfelt words.

  9. Anonymous12:46 PM are not "inspired" by religion but the date helps those who do not "follow" a religion...maybe to think about God and love for a while (?)...nice words and behaviour Sandy!

  10. I like this! It's good to read a positive post about the holiday (that isn't from a conservative Christian standpoint). thank you.


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