One Single Impression: 2013

From January 5, 2013

Today was full of blue sky and not much else
Except perhaps a few squirrels
The dog and myself
Except that the squirrel the dogs and I
Aren't enough to fill any day. 
So I got to thinking about that blue sky
How big it is 
And how it shows up for January
And becomes black as
(I almost said night, but that's my point)
Black as everything that is unknown
And complements the moon in its work
Of turning everything here to silver
When nobody is looking
Because they are too cold, too tired
And filled with unbelieving
But that silver is pure magic and it gives shape
To things that go unnoticed because they are down low
And close when the sky is blue
And we are so busy looking up
And realizing why we are alone in it
And wondering when they are all coming back
And why we weren't invited. 
Stay up for the moon and you realize
We are all here
We are always all here
But we all wait differently.
And In our own way.
And the world is not empty.
Not ever.
One Single Impression


  1. i felt the spirits chiming in with this one.

  2. People don't take advantage of the moon light like they could. It is such a different, peaceful feeling being washed by moonlight. It was brilliant this week in the crisp winter air.

  3. Our skies are blue and so sunny...I stand below it in awe.


  4. We are people always looking and wondering and in awe of this miracle of life and breath and intelligence.
    Are we alone?

  5. What a beautiful tribute to sister moon. I love moonlit nights.

  6. So nicely written. I enjoyed this very much!!! :)


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