One Single Impression: Naked Truth

The little man
Takes me for a ride
On his sense of smell
Circling round and round
This quarter acre patch of snow

He pauses, breathes deeply, snuffles,
Roots with snout and paw...
Moves with his head down as his tongue
Takes note, too--lapping and licking the snow--
And his tail, parallel to the ground, does not wag

He sniffs my own footprint as if we had never met
As if I were not his humble servant tethered to
This inveterate finder of truths--
Which fellow-travelers share this patch of earth,
What do they eat?  Where have they been?--
As if we had not done this before.
A few short hours ago.

One Single Impression


  1. the joy of walking. love the communication between you and your pet here .

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    we can learn about truth from our furry friends. nice one Sandy.

  3. The joy of being together with a pet can be most exhilarating. Can even be more than with another fellow human! Nicely Sandy!


  4. how fun, no photo needed your descriptive words say it all....

  5. Ha. I can sure relate. My dogs take me for rides quite often too. Not on snow though, they seem allergic to it and run back in the house. Happy Sunday.

  6. Our dachsund runs out, does her thing, runs back in and back underneath the fleece blanket.

  7. Ah, does sound like Sam Schnauzer!! What a fun one for the day, Sandy!!

  8. this made me smile. :) 'as if we had never met' :)

  9. We should be so vigilant of our surroundings.

  10. Excellent scene and deep in thought.

  11. pets know a lot more about us, than we seem to figure out.
    Their gestures talk to us and seem to answer a lot of questions.

  12. sweet duo together.

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  13. sweet and a fun read

  14. Well, he'll never be bored and be a constant source of entertainment!

  15. As the humble servant to two dogs, this made me smile!

  16. That's a great poem, loved it!

  17. how beautiful to experience the world anew over and over again... for in truth it is, we are, everything shifting, changing beginning again. Beautiful!

  18. So sweet -- everything is new and different every day (every hour) to a puppy! We maybe should all remember that lesson.

  19. Thanks for sharing your reflections ~ This one struck me most: This inveterate finder of truths

  20. I like how you call the dog "little man" and all the curious things floating in his head. Beautifully done as always Sandy!


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