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In Canada, the oil industry is transforming one of the world's last remaining intact ecosystems into America's gas tank.

Alberta's boreal forest and wetlands are home to a diverse range of animals, including lynx, caribou and grizzly bears, and serve as critical breeding grounds for many North American songbirds and waterfowl. Oil companies are scraping up hundreds of thousands of acres of this wildlife haven to mine tar sands -- silty deposits that contain small amounts of crude bitumen.

Extracting tar sands, and turning bitumen into crude oil, uses vast amounts of energy and water, and causes significant air and water pollution, and three times the global warming pollution of conventional crude production. The rush to strip-mine and drill tar sands in the boreal will destroy and fragment millions of acres of this wild forest for low-grade petroleum fuel.

Please visit this page to express your disapproval of the Tar Sands pipeline.


  1. I've signed the petition. Thanks for the info, Sandy.

  2. It's sad what our need for fuel does to our world and ecology

  3. Dear Sandy, it is always sad when nature suffers due to human error...
    Hope you are having a nice weekend,

  4. Thank you for this Sandy. I'm going right over to NRDC site and put in my two cents. Makes me so sad to see things like this.

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  6. This problem reminds me of the TAV (high speed train) construction in our Val di Susa.
    Thanks for sharing, Sandy.

  7. This is so sad....where will it end?

  8. eventually a fuel that is not oil will need to be used on this planet. I wish we would not destroy all the beauty of our world before we switch over. sometimes i wonder as to whether human intelligence is all that evolved. so sad! thank you for sharing this Sandy.

  9. Albertas' Native Indians who own the land up north are for the tar sands.
    The natives down south are not.
    It is curious why the natives up north are not concerned about the tar sands issue.??? One would think they would be.

  10. So sad. I got the email from NRDC and signed the petition.

  11. It's important for everybody to look at all sides of the issue and act accordingly.


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