One Single Impression: Liquid

Melting. Flowing. Running.
As the clouds that shroud
The sea from the stars in the cold night
Melt in the dawn light
To become the dew that dampens the sand
That claims the mark of my foot
That vanishes in the flow of the rising tide,
So am I:
I run
Without a trace
Along the edge of dreams
I would, but cannot, claim:
Everywhere, nowhere,
And cool with spent passion,
They belong to a dawn
That makes use of them.

One Single Impression


  1. An exquisite capture and incredibly beautiful words and a lovely way to end my day!! Thanks! Hope your weekend is going well, Sandy!

  2. You do flow beautifully, Sandy

  3. What a wonderful picture to go with your poem. Visual and intimate, you portrayed "liquid" in a way that has filled me with introspection this morning. So well said.

  4. liked the cyclic flow of words and the relationship with each other.

    the picture is very serene, fitting to your words.

  5. lovely touching poem...

  6. Such beauty in your words. I love the thought you expressed of footprints disappearing in the liquid. Deep and thought provoking.

  7. Lovely interpretation of the theme.

  8. I THINK THAT IS WHY people who run on the edge of dreams are early riser!
    Excellent flow.

  9. Your words are like liquid gold.

  10. Morning is pure potential. Nothing expands the metal of the soul like potential. Beautiful poem Sandy.

  11. Hello
    The inspiring poetry and lovely pictures.
    Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan

  12. I love to read your poems, Sandy. Thank you. Cleverly written too, I would never have thought of placing myself in the shoes of the melting snow products (running water).

    My favorite lines are of the runner, "Along the edge of dreams
    I would, but cannot, claim."

  13. The sky transcends like liquid in brilliant colors and flows together with the sea as one. Stunning and gorgeous verses Sandy.

  14. I love the dreamy fluidity of this poem, the blending of nature and reality and dreams!

  15. Beautiful, I love "The clouds that shroud"

  16. A beautiful poem, Sandy!

  17. Magnificently created Sandy flows like water..

    I was throughout under impression that I had linked to OSI and alas, today I saw I hadn' I did...because otherwise it would have been first time since I started that I would have missed..contributing to OSI..


  18. "To become the dew that dampens the sand" absolutely my favourite line

    much love...


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