Our World Tuesday: Carolina Roads

You don't need a road sign to detect the crossing into North Carolina; the pine trees tell you all about it.  They become taller, leaner, neater, and just plain better looking.  The smell of pine and tar and earth are rich.  I love it, and I always wish I could take pictures as I'm zooming along.  (I could stop, but I don't because stopping just screws up the driving mojo and makes a long trip longer....)  

This time around, I asked Adella to take some drive-by photos for me to capture what makes Carolina itself unlike any other place.  These photos are from her phone.  She did a great job of snapping-to every time I said, "How about that?" And that, and that, and that....

We pass many fields like this one, where a house from years gone by sits alongside a barn and outbuildings, and there are signs of life but nobody around.

If you have any hang-ups about the importance of spelling, this is not the place for you.

Neat brick churches are everywhere, and so are those giant ones made of those big metal sheets that make for the quick construction of very large buildings.  There are also these storefront models that serve the purpose.

Fields have been ploughed and sown with seeds or drilled with seedlings.  And it's quiet.

It's home, and it's someplace else.


  1. never been there-thanks for the introduction!

  2. Adella did a great job getting pics for you, Sandy! I've never been there either and I really enjoyed your "tour"! Hope you have a good week!

  3. Great drive by shots! Looks like a very quiet and peacful drive.

  4. looks like a nice drive!

  5. Great drive by shots!

  6. Whenever we stayed a while in any state we found special things about it ...but not every state is special from the road. And I agree with you North Carolina is one with it's very own feel to it.

  7. I love your daughter's snaps. I love it when Heather drives so I can take photos. As for the spelling, I keep telling her that we can move out into the country so we can have Heather's Kountry Kurls or Kountry Kooking or something else like that. I'm having a little trouble getting buy in for the concept.

  8. But did you stop for barbecue?

    Nice shots, good post.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  9. Anonymous4:30 AM

    The scenery really is lovely. I can almost smell spring!

  10. That was a great road trip you took us on Sandy. I enjoyed it, thank you :)

  11. Never been to North Carolina other than driving through on a train. I'd like to check it out from what you have to say about it. I love your last sentence.

  12. Great job of capturing my Carolina home...


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