Our World Tuesday: Taking a Break from the Books

Ah, finals.... It's time for Adella take them and for me to give them and grade them.  We spent the weekend getting ready, but we managed to take time out to take Clyde out to stretch a letter and smell the flowers.
The river was full and moving right along.  Sunlight bobbed along and bounced off the overhanging leaves.
The park was sweet with the scent of blossoms that will soon give way to wild berries.  

Back at home, the lilies on the pond seem to be marching across the water.  They're looking mighty invasive, but I like them all the same.

It's fun watching summer unfold.

And then it's back to the books.


  1. Ah, and what a lovely break it was -- for us as well as for you, Adella and Clyde!! Beautiful captures of your world for the day, Sandy!!

  2. Restorative and lovely - like knowing you

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  3. 1.That's the way it is, Sandy! Do what needs to be done and then the books.
    2. I remember Sylvia with her friend from Mumbai. I'm glad she's back!


  4. I love that nice ride, precious pictures!

  5. It won't be long now and you gals won't have to bother with books except to have a relaxing read. You pictures sure bring in focus the coming summer. Love the idea of light dancing on the leaves.

  6. Great to take a break for such a beautiful nature walk.

  7. looka like it's definitely summer...love your lilies photo!

  8. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Soon it will be the summer break!

    Lovely shots of your walk.

  9. Beautiful and lovely and I am jealous! All that green and water!! Wow!
    No water here and we are in a record extreme drought

  10. Aw. I remember those breaks from study or grading. All good things must end?

  11. I'd rather be you than Adella. Glad Clyde forced you both to take a break.

  12. A pleasant walk in the green! Beautiful views.

  13. It's lovely to walk by such beautiful peaceful greenery.
    I for one am so glad not to have to study for finals. When I drive by a high school now I think poor kids. lol
    So much to do and worry about.I liked college much better.

  14. Nice to take a break but for goodness sake close the school year out and really enjoy summer.

  15. Lovely summery green!

  16. Photography like this often leads me to wonder if I can be as good with my new camera--which I am still learning about! :)


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