Do You Have Five Minutes?

  • At the 0:30 mark, you'll find out how many days passed before BP first attempted to stop the disaster—and failed. 
  • At 1:50, you find out how the amount of oil in the Gulf compared to Exxon Valdez (spoiler alert: it's worse). At 2:32, you'll find out the minimum number of times BP failed to stop the leak before finally claiming success. 
  • At 3:34, you'll find out how many tens of thousands of pounds an oil tar mat that was discovered on a Louisiana barrier island just this past summer weighed.


  1. Hard hitting video, I watched it all. The information all seems credible, except...

    The disaster didn't begin on day one. It began months before. As has come out BP had lots of trouble with the well from the beginning and in an effort to hurry things along they used the wrong cement when they set the casing. Then not using casing centralizers. They didn't test the blowout preventer and worst of all there was lots of confusion between BP and the drilling contractor about just who was in charge.

    And of course they didn't have a plan on what to do in case something went wrong.

    I don't fault them on so much on what they tried after the blowout. Blowouts are a lot easier to prevent than fix.

    They need to be held accountable.

  2. thanks for sharing.

  3. interesting too how little we talk about these things once they are out of sight...and all the hubbub right after---and today we buy from BP---cause we need what they got...

  4. It is truly sickening.

  5. We have such short memories! Sadly, people who really care about the environment have so little power compared to big corporations, who continue to tell us what they do is safe in spite of the evidence.

  6. We are trying to stop this from happening here.
    It is bad when the oceans get poisoned.


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