Today's Flowers: Sea Oats

Adella and I are less than a month away from Topsail.  Maeve and Clyde will make the trip with us, and they'll be happy to thaw out, too.  The intense cold we've had lately has gotten me to thinking about what below-zero days do to people over time.  We rush from igloo to igloo, we huddle to conserve body heat, we curl up inside our over-sized clothing, we drink too many warm drinks, we go to bed early so we can turn the heat down....We wake up early to eat oatmeal and other hot, soggy things that stick to our ribs and warm us up on the way down.  People who live year round in warmer climates can't imagine the tension that shapes our bodies and our minds.

Last week was Spirit Week at school, and Thursday was Throwback Thursday.  I wore an old friend's chunky wool sweater straight out of the 80s.  My students couldn't believe it was almost 30 years old.  Not only is it in great condition but also it looks like what I wear every other day.  For once, my sense of fashion was on target!  One of our guidance counselors told me she had stuff like that back in the day.  But she threw it out.  "Where you from?" I asked.  I knew right there she wasn't local.  Nobody from here throws away wool for recycled soda bottle fake fleece.  "Brooklyn," she said.  

I think I'll thaw out 80s style tomorrow, too.  


  1. lol-I'm one of those who threw out my old wool sweaters but then I live in the desert!

  2. smiles. we have winter spirit week coming up right before christmas...i have no trouble finding throwback kinda like living somewhere i get all 4 seasons....i wish fall would stick around longer...but winter, i can endure it....

  3. laughing at your 'in-style' sweaters. love the sea oats pic!

  4. No matter how many wool sweaters I make or buy my boys make sure to shrink them all.
    Very annoying. Otherwise you can't get them to do the wash for squat. lol

    My machine parts havent come in.
    I guess they just don't care people have clothes to wash.

  5. I love the sea oats!! And thanks for the giggles to start the day! Hope you and Adella and Maeve and Clyde have a great weekend and I know you're counting the days until Topsaid!! I would be, too!!

  6. That's a very special flower, I think I have never seen that.

  7. I remember those sweaters well. I had one in rust.

    Love the sea oats.. so pretty with their green-tinged tips.

  8. It sounds collllld where you live.
    Continue to stay warm...wool sweaters and all. Sending warm hugs to you.

  9. sea is feeling its oats!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  10. Ahh, the 80's. The only thing better is the 70's. I had my waffle stompers and fatigue jacket for years. Up until three months after I was married when it all mysteriously disappeared.

  11. I too have never seen sea oats before. Great pic.
    Can't think of throwing wool away.

  12. I like this beautiful composition.

  13. Stay warm... You are correct, I really can't imagine being that cold for that long. Oregon is gray and rainy in the winter, but only infrequently below freezing. And now in the winter .....

  14. The sweater sounds cool! Believe it or not, I have sweaters mothballed here in the dessert!

  15. It's a new find for my.
    thanks for sharing..


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