Our World Tuesday: 'When Words Fail'

 Della unplugged from the world for a little while on Saturday.  Later that day, I came across this new display on her bedroom wall.  It says, "When Words Fail, Music Speaks."  This is a quote of her friend who arranged music her school band performed in the spring to honor the memories of the 26 innocents who lost their lives to a sick young man last December 14.  Her recalling these words from so many months ago stopped me in my tracks, but I knew better than to say anything.  She had closed her door to have her own thoughts, and I was glad to be a witness to the outcome.

Anyway, she was practicing her music for state's and was busy playing her clarinet and then listening to a recorded version to evaluate her work.  Last week, her music teacher asked her to be junior conductor next year, and her already respectable commitment to her music intensified.  

I have a tin ear, and I am illiterate when it comes to music (beyond knowing what I like).  Still, I knew enough when she was in middle school to put my foot down with a solid "no" when she said she wanted to give up the clarinet in favor of basketball.  I told her she was a musician and she wasn't quitting.  I was the bad guy for a while, but a new day came.
Today, we went to hear the Waterbury Symphony at Naugatuck Valley Community College.  From the lobby, we say this Victor Hugo quote:  "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”  Aha, I thought.  Her friend did his homework, and she took note.

What the band can do:

Wind Ensemble

Carol for Another Christmas- http://youtu.be/eXnjSyD6Ab8

Jingle Bell Fantasy - http://youtu.be/azQwgx6Wmek

Concert Band

Jekyll & Hyde - http://youtu.be/yFWgDt8OgOA 

Cancion de Navidad - http://youtu.be/np6BkBQXVYc

The Light Eternal - http://youtu.be/K-Mesndg-QQ

Special Performance
Carol of the Bells (Pentatonix) - http://youtu.be/ZqZKvQQjE0A

Treble Choir

Mary, Did You Know? - http://youtu.be/lziweOF414s

And the Angels Sang - http://youtu.be/V4UNClnMtvw

Merry Madrigal - http://youtu.be/3e01Dq29ZHU

Our World Tuesday


  1. Your little girl is a treasure. She is lucky that you are her guardian.

  2. how very wonderful of her.

  3. Adella is a treasure indeed! How fortunate you both are to have each other!! I hope both of you have a beautiful week, Sandy!1

  4. Ah. The wisdom of a good Mom. Glad you didn't let her switch.

  5. smiles...i like her friends quote...music does have a way of crossing borders that often mere words can not...

  6. This is such a great post -- for so many many reasons. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow, good for her, and good for you for helping her stay on track. What a great variety of music. I loved especially their version of Mary Did you Know.

  8. I love that quote! :)

  9. A mother knows her child well and you prove that. Very good for her!

  10. Wonderful post!!!

    ALOHA to YOU Both
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  11. Good for Della! I do love the quote! Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  12. it's easier to give up on the discipline required for a talent than staying the course...

  13. Music is always a good thing to know and you are right to have her continue especially if she is good at it.
    No matter what happens with that she will always have this for herself.
    I wish my teacher gave me the violin to play Had he done so I'd still be playing it Instead he gave me a big bass and I could not imagine carrying that thing around with me all my life.

  14. You saw that your daughter had talent and persisted when she wanted to go into another direction. Well done Mom! And now she has a love of music. What a wonderful gift!

  15. Really a wonderful post, so intense.


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