Our World Tuesday: Sticking Close to Home with the Crafts

Record lows and snow days and extended vacations opened the door to some good ol' crafts for me and Adella.  We silk-screened for the first times in our lives and had some fun with that.  We did a dream catcher that we are still working on, and we did a very basic turtle stencil.  I was in charge of that project.)
 We stenciled a tote bag for a friend's birthday, and we put a few on paper.  But I liked the screen the best.
The Speedball silk screen kit came from Santa, just like the photo-sensitive paper (and the sock monkey pajamas, by that has nothing to do with craft time.)
This photo paper was super awesome. We had gathered up a whole bunch of feathers on the beach, so we experimented with those.  The white feathers let light through, so they gave us some interesting texture and depth.
 This feather had all kinds of wavy working for it, but vacation was over before we could try out all the possibilities.  The feather came home with us, so we'll have to try again.
We're slated for crazy cold again tonight.  (I'm going to give up on fancy moisturizers and just jump into the Crisco if this keeps up.)  I'm grateful to winter for the breaks in routine that make living in the real, rather than the virtual, world possible.  It's nice to go back!

Speaking of going back, here's my craft partner when she was about three and doing duck faces before Instagram was even a twinkle in Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger's eye.  Kisses!

Our World Tuesday


  1. love that you got some 'down' time together. :)

  2. A lovely way to keep your mind occupied and your body warm.

  3. You girls are having too much fun. Love the feather work.

  4. Glad you had the time

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  5. How interesting.

  6. Ah, fun down time it is!! Thank you for sharing, Sandy!! A wonderful smile and giggle to end my day!! Hope your new year is off to a great start!

  7. Fantastic art work!

  8. It is great to spend some fun quality time together.. I love the turtle and feathers.. And the last shot is cute..Have a happy week and stay safe and warm!

  9. Beautiful creation Sandy! Santa is only too happy to know what you have had done. Great talents!


  10. oh what a cool project....the feathers turned out great...oh my a life size sock monkey too...ha....

  11. Quality time with your daughter, methinks! You are using your time wisely!

  12. That last picture is adorable. I like how you guide your daughter to engage in creative endeavors. Stay warm.

  13. fun indoor art-so creative!

  14. Your daughter was -- and is -- a charmer! (Little bit sassy (that's a good thing!) I am not at all crafty; somebody has to just admire. And I do...those feathers are lovely.

  15. Smiling at the Crisco comment.
    But, I can relate. It has been bitter, hasn't it.
    I continue to use "Oil of Old Lady"...hoping that it will work its magic. Not working so far.
    Love the silk screening you are doing. I have never done that.
    I'm excited for you!
    Wanted to check in here and see how you are doing.
    Sending you warm hugs,

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  17. Time well spent!


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