Today's Flowers: Bittersweet

The day was dishwater gray, but that didn't keep me and Maeve from heading to the park for a walk.  Maeve met Airedale and a Jack Russell terriers and a poodle shmoodle wearing a raincoat, and she did a good job of staying calm.  Sometimes she gets a little scrappy around other dogs in a yappy way that says, "Short is a state of YOUR mind!"  Not today.  It seemed she was just so happy to be outside after so many bitter cold days that she wasn't going to argue with anybody or anything.

We came across this bittersweet  bursting with fall color.  Looking up, we didn't feel the cold quite so much.

Today's Flowers


  1. that's really pretty - to brighten up your day, for sure.

  2. You carry Spring in your heart, S

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  3. I so liked our comment at Birdie’s I had to come and look you up.

    I like the gentle tenor of your blog.

  4. It does us all good to get out and stretch our legs.

  5. That is an intrepid flowering tree, still showing off its beauty in the cold.


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