Today's Flowers: Nothing Like the Light

I love the beach. I love the light.  I love the restless life that shifts with the wind but never goes too far away.  I love the way people try to moderate drastic change by planting grasses that might hold the dunes in place.  But the dunes make their way, and people bring in more sand, and it is sand that the turtles can navigate when they climb from their nests.  It is an intricate, subtle, amazing conversation between people and Earth.  When I get tired and frustrated by the world around me, I remember there are people who care that the sand be right for the turtles and who are willing to pay for it and to put it in place.  That's a miracle and a marvel--and recognition that we are part of a big, beautiful picture.  There's a lot to be happy about.  Start with the sand.


  1. How lovely you are writing, Sandy.
    Yes, start with the sand:)

  2. Beautiful capture of light. It makes an excellent picture.

  3. Beautiful photo and great thoughts.
    An Arkie's Musings

  4. That is a beautiful prose poem perfectly illustrated. Thank you Sandy.

  5. def a fan of the light...and of those that realize there is a bigger picture...and we are all connected...

  6. I need to remember the sand.

  7. a great reminder...

  8. The light and the sand.

    I've read about beach sand and how it moves. Fascinating.

  9. Its always nice to be able to get away to a beautiful spot you love which enlightens ones soul.
    I am glad you found such a spot.

  10. yes
    the beach
    and care are to be cherishes
    such a lovely photo

    sweet days and nights to you~


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