Our World Tuesday: Winter Weekend

Throughout last week, we heard about all that big snow that would head for Connecticut buy the end of the weekend.  Then, the Weather Channel called it a"dynamic storm" and, poof, the snow was off the Conneticut grid.  Dynamic is as dynamic does, though, so who knew what would happen until it happened?  So we went to the mall.
 The new Microsoft Store at the West Farms Mall was packed.  There was no getting near it.  It was  a cool thing to see Microsoft giving the little-i people a run for the money.  I've never been a fan of i-products, and I became a negative fan after my i-Pod (a gift) screen shattered after falling onto my foot and a carpet and the company wanted to charge me $20 to talk to customer service.  
 We were on the prowl for some all-black performance clothes for Adella's All-State concert in April, and we found them at Nordstrom--on sale.  Beautiful thing!  Feeling good about that, we made our way to one of Adella's favorite stores that we can't afford, Anthropologie.
 We love the displays in there.  This elliptical string-art thing hanging over the bed was pretty cool.  It's shape mirrored the bamboo infinity loop half just a few yards away.

These chairs made me think of Pippi Longstocking.
On Sunday, we celebrated Maeve's first birthday with canine cupcakes and a new toy.

Adella's friend Mo came over for the celebration and to work on homework.  And the snow did not come.


  1. These are interesting designs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. def liking the design...the twisted bamboo infinity...its cool...i used to like mac...too expensive for me...

  3. we got some of your snow and ice pellets here - even thundersnow.

    cute birthday pup!

  4. Looks like a fun shopping day at the mall!! I can always use one of those!! We're still gray and grim here in the northwest!! Hope you have a great week!

  5. The mall displays are appealing. I hate to shop so I avoid malls but that wasn't possible when my daughter was growing up and we had to shop in the malls at times. Sometimes it was fun when we had mother/daughter shopping trips especially if ice cream parlor breaks were involved.

    The weather people are so often wrong especially when predicting a big weather event. The worse weather I've experienced here has always been when the weather people didn't think much would happen including Hurricane Fran coming so far inland across the state in the late 1990s which they weren't able to prepare us for. It's sleeting here now but I have a feeling it won't amount to much.

  6. Anthropology is one of my favorite catalogs to look at. Sounds like you gals had a good time shopping. Lucky you that you had no snow. We got your snow and ice. Cheers.

  7. Rain took our snow away. We are enjoying our new pup . She even put some spunk into the old dogs lol

  8. Your Pippi Longstocking comment reminded me that my daughter used to have a Pippi Longstocking doll but she thought her name was Tippy Longlegs. I just asked my daughter what happened to her and she said she got rid of her. :-(

  9. Sandy, I think we had your snow here..I love the store displays you found, I like Anthropologie too. Happy Birthday to Maeve! What a cutie! Enjoy your week!

  10. Your little puppy dog is a cutie. We have Abigail, a little bit bigger version.

    We don't have a microsoft store yet and we have a Nordstrom's Rack opens up this month.

    I think we got your snow! And some bonus ice.

  11. Sounds like a perfect weekend with a perfect ending (no snow!).

  12. We have such similar opinions, Sandy.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral


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