Our World Tuesday: Ordinary Business

We've had some busy days this month between Adella's track, drama, and All-State Band practices as well as her preparations for her Nationals audition recording. Add to that visits with friends and family, birthday parties and walking (dancing with) the dogs along the patches of grass revealed by the receding snow line, and my own work responsibilities, and the bottom line is that I am a slacker as a blogger.  I miss the online interaction with good folks who love the real world around them, too.
Anticipating spring, I had to decorate the house with another hothouse flower.  I've never met a grocery story flower I didn't like.
Last night's moon back lit the few remaining clouds to create just the right amount of magic as Adella, her cousins, and their cousins played a few games of tag to close out a day of celebrating my nephew Alex's 15th birthday.
This little guy is in love with Adella.  He told her that even though she is big, she is beautiful, and he loves her.  He told her over and over again that she is beautiful.  Here they are taking a break from a game of tag.  Life is good.

Our World Tuesday


  1. ha. young love is so cool and innocent....those are some pretty grocery story flowers...

  2. flowers and youth the promises of spring!

  3. Nice impressions from your corner of the world. Spring here is announcing itself very fast, and greens are returning to the trees.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Looks like a fun, busy weekend, Sandy! Fun pics for the day! Hope you have a great week!! Spring is on the way!!!

  5. how very sweet. life is busy but good. :)

  6. Aren't they sweet. I have often wondered how you manage job, child and everything else in between. You will have plenty of blogging time in the future. We'll take what we get. :) Happy St Patty's Day. I hope you remembered to wear green so you don't get pinched.

  7. That little guy has excellent taste and knows beauty when he sees it!

    A fun and busy week. I'm going to buy some flowers when I go to the store this afternoon.

  8. Such a happy post! ♥


  9. That's so sweet. And he's right.. she is beautiful.. just like her mom.

    Those flowers looks so lovely with their soft blush.

  10. truly inspiring!
    loving the photos:))

  11. Nothing like playing tag with cousins. He is right, she is beautiful.

    I've been a slacker as well. I have a SWF set up for tomorrow and otherwise I'm going to be out for the long weekend as we head off for a little Spring Break Trip.

  12. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Long time but nice to catch up on a Happy Post.Cheers to Spring, it finally showed up though winter seems reluctant. Your daugter is adorably beautiful...her cousin is smart enough to appreciate it too!


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