Our World Tuesday: Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend involved two parades for Adella:  one in Woodbury and one in Bethlehem.  They are humble and lovely events that honor the memory of those men and women who have given their lives in war.  People shout, "Happy Memorial Day!", and I wonder what that means.  But here we are, happy for what we have and aware of and grateful to those who help make it possible.
 Here is the color guard in Woodbury.
And here is a miniature pony all decked out in our colors for the day.
 Here is the band.  The pale child in the center sure did catch some rays!
Here is the empty table honoring prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action.
 The Civil War reenactors gave a final salute to the fallen.
 What's to say but, "Amen"?
 Our World Tuesday


  1. how wonderful for her to march and honor them. i love the table and chair. so poignant.

  2. That is what is all about. Kudos to your daughter for participating and kudos to you for supporting her.

  3. may we never forget their sacrifice!

  4. So nice to know there is someplace still celebrating this holiday the way it is meant to be celebrated (and so nice for you to live there and take part)


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