Our World Tuesday: Be Kind

I appreciate my daughter's photography teacher because she teaches her about what are sometimes called the "soft skills" of kindness, communication, compassion--which I understand to be the active, engaged version of empathy.  Once you feel what someone is going through, what are you doing about it?

Art teachers very often get the credit for teaching the soft skills.  And because those skills are soft, they are often dismissed as less important or unimportant. After all, what's kindness if you can't add?  What is kindness if you can't report the facts?

At this stage in my life, I think it's all about the soft stuff.  I don't give a damn about what you know or what you do if you can't be kind.  I want the art of you before I'll tangle with the science of you.

Without compassion, knowledge is nothing and that horrible less-than-nothing:  It is every decision we make without concern for how what we decide affects others.

It comes down to this:  Talk to me so that I might know who you are.  Be naked in  the vocabulary of kindness--the desire to be known by what we do for others because doing for others is only right--that I might know who you are.  Or are not.  We begin and end in kindness.  Everything else is fluff.


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    AMEN to everything you said!

  2. " Be naked in the vocabulary of kindness-"

    WOW! Such a wise post! Couldn't agree more. May I quote you please?

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  3. Those are precious lessons of life!
    I am so happy for her. :)

  4. Yes, couldn't agree more.

  5. So true .
    Thing is many keep the conversation light because not too many people agree on things.
    This is why we have so many problems with human rights issues today.( We pass laws so people do not have to ie prostitute and they use human rights to promote it.)

  6. The older I get the more important it seems that being kind is. I've heard it said that we will forget what people say but we'll never forget how people make us feel.

  7. what a beautiful post :)


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