About that Bullet on the Stair

            Sometime today, a security officer at my daughter’s school found a bullet on the stairs to the cafeteria.
            A bullet on the stairs to the cafeteria.
            So the principal sent an email to teachers and made an announcement that they should check their email and business continued as usual.  Students had early dismissal, and they went home at the appointed hour.
            And the principal sent an email letting parents know a bullet was found on the stairs to the cafeteria but everything was fine.  Business as usual.  This is America.
            Later that night, while I waited for my daughter’s concert to begin, my father emailed me to find out what happened at school.  I work in an urban school, so my first move was to google my school to find out what happened.  Nothing.  Of course—and I knew that .  Urban kids don’t get up to the completely fucked up psychological bullshit that rich suburban kids with shrinks can get up to.  Down in the city, we’re about hot meals and the peace of a classroom.  But the suburbs are different.
   I googled Nonnewaug and found out a security officer found a bullet on a stair leading to the cafeteria.  The principal sent an email to parents saying it was all good. 

            I read the email while I was waiting for my daughter’s concert to begin, and I thought, “Fuck you, buddy.  It’s not OK that someone found a bullet on a stair in my daughter’s school.”
            Because the little hunters who attend this agricultural high school should be told to leave their deer-killing ammo home when they show up to learn about history and science and literature.  Not 
one of these disciplines requires a bullet to be understood.

            So how safe is my daughter at this school?

            I’m scared out of my mind.  Last year, when the crazy French teacher who showed every sign of being a pedophile harassed my daughter, I took on the school to get rid of this woman.  She’s gone.  But what a fight to get the principal to get the point.

            How to get the principal to understand that if there is a bullet on the stair to the cafeteria, there is a gun-shooting individual on campus who does not have the sense to leave his deadly toys at home and—a big and, so this is a dramatic pause—is therefore a threat to every student on campus?

            Andy’s not that bright.  He requires multiple episodes of re-teaching.  He’s the kind of guy who takes personal calls from his needy wife while he’s having a meeting with the angry parent of an honors student.  The guy has no idea what is important or even when he should turn his phone off.

            Little boys and or girls are dropping their ammo on the stairs of a public high school in a well-heeled community in a blue state.

            Mr. O’Brien, I promise you this:  If you don’t keep my daughter safe in your school—Nonnewaug High School—the bullet that got past you today will be the least of your problems.


  1. Oh, Sandy, this is terrifying!! I can only imagine what you must be feeling, going though right now!! Please know my thoughts are with you and I agree with you totally in regards to the safety of your daughter!! My thoughts for Mr. O'Brien are not repeatable here, but I think you must know that I feel exactly the same way!!!

  2. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Holy crap, Sandy. A bullet??? and all's well? Sounds to me like the next bunch of yahoos to take on is the school board with Andy as the target. PUN INTENDED.

  3. Stay upset Sandy. That sounds so unacceptable. All parents should be upset. How dare he dismiss this so lightly. Yes, take this to the school board, inform the newspaper, don't stay quiet. Good luck.

  4. It is so irresponsible of a Principal to be so callous and unconcerned. I say unite and try your level best and get rid of the man.Otherwise, the only option is to change the school if it is feasible.
    It is a different matter when the teachers are not perfect but it is mandatory for a Principal to be honest and upright and a role model for the students and the teachers.

  5. Anonymous3:07 PM

    That is unbelievable! The school should have been locked down immediately and the police called. It sounds like a ticking time bomb. What is wrong with that principal? My concern is that it was not dropped by accident but on purpose as a warning.

  6. Here in Oklahoma it used to be illegal to guns on to school property at any time. But then we passed both open and concealed carry and to protect those people's rights the law was changed so that people can bring their guns on school property as long as they stay in their car.

    Plus a bunch of GOP legislators are pressing to allow college students to carry guns on campus and to class. You know, because they have rights.

    Our whole country is going crazy.

    Oh, and a bullet found in a school is a huge f*ing deal!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh Sandy -- this is a huge deal -- I HATE this . I'm so upset with the gun lobby (Yogi's comment is almost as frightening as your post)... there is so much wrong with all this (in general) that I don't even know where to start ... but in particular I feel my stomach doing the protective mother thing (and I haven't had kids the age of your daughter for half a century or so.) I HOPE you and other intelligent mothers and fathers can prevail and get through this thick-headed principal's defenses. (And that someone like that is in charge is another rant, why does this happen so often?)

  8. There you have it. People around America agree with the absurdity of the school's handling of this. Wonder what push back the school has gotten already. Can't imagine there isn't any. What a gross miscalculation...the school wasn't even in lock down. And by the way, not even all the parents received the email.

  9. After all that has happened in so many schools across your nation.. in your own state.. I don't get how this can be shrugged off so easily.

  10. Sandy: I agree with Hilary, and I share your feelings of outrage, fear, and disappointment. It's heartbreaking what is happening in our schools. Surely, if we can put a man on the Moon, we can solve this crisis.

  11. Anonymous7:26 PM

    what should of happen was to lock down and CHECK everyone in school.

  12. I cannot understand how any sane, right-thinking individual could disagree with a word you've said. It's so off-the-scale unacceptable for anyone to carry firearms to school that anyone in authority who suggests that it's all OK and business should go on as normal very clearly ought to be removed and sent off to a secure institution. All the best, Bonny

  13. Ya disturbing for sure and I've been there, done that and nothing happened till someone died.
    Then all hell broke loose.
    Too little too late.
    Needless to say finding live ammo inside a school should raise a red light.
    Maybe it was not a live bullet and brought in for show.Some people make jewelry out of bullet shells.
    Even going to the city won't do much.
    Only way to create change is to go to PTA meetings and send comments to the local paper and flyers to every home risking being seen as a lunatic.Good luck.


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