Today's Flowers: Bloom On

The cactus that spent the summer outside and pretty much neglected while Adella and I were down south is back for another round.  It's good.  I was out for a walk today, and it was cold, and I was thinking how it is in the cold weather, the way your spend time with your family and the cold weather always brings you back to Thanksgiving and Christmas and reading in comfortable chairs by the soft light of shorter days.  We're there and we're alone and we're not and the cactus from the wholesaler blooms on.  It's good.  It's all good.

Today's Flowers


  1. Yes, it is good!! And it's even better to recognize the beauty in ones life and to be grateful and at the same time realize that we create that beauty ourselves!! Enjoy every moment!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Yes, it is good. I like the color!

  3. each season brings its blessings and opportunities

  4. Yes, I love this time of year for these very reasons. My cactus is just finishing its bloom season. It is small yet it had several blooms. FUN end to a garden season.

  5. Lovely bloom on your Christmas Cactus. I used to have one.. I think I killed it by New Years. :/

  6. All seems right and good when I visit you, S

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  7. Alone together is definitely all good.

    Pretty cactus. Plants in my care always had to get with the program -- they were required to be independent and fairly self-sufficient.

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  9. Love the flower and for the bycotter up above, same goes for the men. lol


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