Skywatch Friday: High, High Tide

This was a morning that showed footwear no mercy.  This was a high, high tide. My pants, my shoes, and my mittens took a soaking as I tried to make my way down the beach.  This was a small, small price to pay for a beautiful morning that followed a few dark days (which were also beautiful).

Later in the day, I sat in the same place from which I took this photo, and I watched dolphins swim and feed and cavort while one smarty-pants pelican flew by and the willets worked on lunch.  "I am sitting here because there is no place else to sit," I thought.  Little white birds with very sharp wings dove into the water, seagulls did what seagulls do because they really are the headmasters of the world, and I watched.

I watched and thought of all these big ideas about offshore wind turbines and how these monoliths will affect turtles and marine life generally.  And I thought if we need the damned things, at least let's put them onshore so that we are not messing with endangered species and our marine mammal friends.  How about we make a conscious decision to deliberately not f*** up something precious?

I thought this because my news app relayed the appalling story of the train cars full of North Dakota crude that are on fire after in West Virginia.  Oil interests are not going to do right by the environment.  John Boehner calls us anarchists for caring.  The poor man does not know what it means to care, and this breaks my heart.  He needs to come here and watch a turtle make its way to the ocean.  He needs to own that vulnerability.  Until then, the anarchists will do it for him.

My mornings are noisy. They come with a news app that reminds me the world needs more caring than anybody knows.

Skywatch Friday 


  1. You speak the tension and urgency we all feel!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. Yes, I do agree with Cloudia! It is a sad world -- in spite of its beauty!! Take care, Sandy!! Thanks as always for sharing with us!!

  3. Something's amiss that is for sure.

  4. the ying-yang of life, nature's fragility vs man's insensitivity...

  5. Sandy: Your caring and heart are in the right place. This was another great post that, as usual, made me stop and reflect.

  6. Isn't this the truth. Keep on caring. We must.

  7. John Boehner does not care about anything except John Boehner. Unfortunately the world is full of too many people like him.

    I almost can't listen to the news any more even on NPR. There is so little I can do and it breaks my heart.

  8. Beautifully and truthfully stated Sandy. I just hope all the politicians and world leaders start caring very soon.

  9. I know. It really pains the heart to see this especially when we know better.

  10. Sandy, this is so sad and so true and anytime we think we have put out one environmental fire it seems another one springs up! If we left the world to the likes of Boehner and others they would destroy it and then find a way to move on to another planet, like the Bill Peet children's story, Wump World.

    I love the photo, by the way. I hope we will always have this view sans wind turbines!


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