Skywatch Friday: Kindness

This week's news is too much:  ISIS setting fire to a human being (because the beheadings weren't impressing us anymore?); a school shooting in Maryland during a basketball game; the Taiwan plane crash, the Metro-North accident... And then the nonsense about people wasting their lives and others':  Whitney Houston's daughter and Aaron Hernandez come to mind.

In my own world, I can think of students who will show up and do nothing, cheerfully confident the rest of us will pay their way through life because our conscience tells us we must; others who would rather hurt their loves ones than show up and be kind; fools in pickups who tailgate before they pass you by skating along on black ice.

I'm cranky and tired and not at all in love with people who shovel their shit onto everyone else's front porch.  Too much meanness.  Too much harm.  Time to go to sleep to wake up and do some good.  Or stay home.

Skywatch Friday 


  1. Oh, Sandy, I do SO know how you feel and it's a wonder we can sleep at all some nights!! There is indeed too much meanness -- I've seen some tonight in my apartment complex and I simply have to close the doors and hope I can sleep!!! Please know that I'm always here for you in whatever way I can be from the distance that separates us, but I am with you.

  2. All Honest. All Real. All True. That is our heroism in refusing to despair!
    we all feel what you express, Sandy.

    Heal. Rest. Cherish your dear self and what matters....

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. I know how you feel Sandy. Finding kindness in this world is a hard thing. But it's there. And words like yours prove that too.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Yep. Nothing to add -- you said it all better than I can.

  5. Yup Join the club. I feel this every day lol So I pick up my pen and begin writing the papers lol
    On the Mercer report they say when Canadians get mad they fight with their pens. lol
    So true.I watched Home land and Sniper and thought my God. The world is insane. The Muslims fear each other and Obama lies.This thing will never end because the first page of the Koran says so.
    It will always open doors to violence as long as it is above the law of the land.We had a question in our class : Can you keep religion out of politics being raised as a religious person? I realized the answer was no.But liking my religion (as a non church going person lol) I think the morals ethics and values I learned growing up from it, made me a good person. So nothing wrong with bringing good ness into politics.Or is there?

  6. I have nothing to add, except I would like to go walk on a beach sometimes soon.

  7. Very true ! At least your sky is beautiful !

  8. other's poor examples can motivate us to be a light in a darkened world...

  9. can't agree more, Sandy...what's wrong with the world today...But I love to see your photos..and you're right, kindness is what we all need..have a great day..

  10. There's nothing like a beautiful sky and sea together to clean the slate and clear the mind.

  11. As a teacher, I thought you might like the movie : Words and Images
    It's on line on Putlocker.

  12. Happy Valentines Day!

  13. Or to stand in the light and speak the truth as you have just done for many of us, Sandy. I really see a tremendous change in our culture, and had my Dad lived, I think that sadly, he would need me to explain so much! All any of us can be are good individuals who refuse to stop caring, and to act with kindness. ;)


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