Our World Tuesday: Nonnewaug Falls

For the first time in a long time--and the last time in Connecticut until the end of summer--we took the dogs for a good, long walk.  They appreciated the change in scenery, that's for sure.  They checked out the buttercups and the future berries.

 They did not try on the pink lady's slippers, which were everywhere, but they did check out the Nonnewaug.
 They took a drink under this white birch, which they seemed not to notice towered over them and turned a right angle as it reached between the pines to enjoy the light.

 Maeve and Clyde never wander far from Adella, though Clyde did pick up a scent that had him bouncing around, Dachshund style, in the ferns for a few minutes.  Nothing beats the beautiful aroma of puppy jerky, though.
We made it  back to the car for a cool drink before we made our way to the ballpark to watch my nephew's baseball game.  Nothing quite like a Sunday in June.

Our World Tuesday


  1. HOoray for Summer! Good for dogs and their people too. Love the buttercups. Glad the pups didn't try on the ladyslippers. Which are lovely.

  2. Wow, what a day. I love the birch tree. Nature's fight for suvival always amazes me. I loved the clear water at the foot of the falls also.

  3. Beautiful Lady's Slippers. What a lovely jaunt.

  4. I haven't seen any pink lady slippers at all this year! What a great place to take a long walk.

  5. lovely weather and sights-thanksk for sharing...

  6. Very nice images of the pleasant Sunday walk!

  7. sounds like a wonderful day.
    My yard is full of buttercups and bunnies.

  8. Lovely nature shots with the beautiful blue sky shining through wit the little doggies having a wonderful walk with you!

    Happy Weekend,
    Happy Fourth of July to the USA
    artmusedog and carol


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