Our World Tuesday: Birds at the Beach

Nothing beats morning on the beach.  In this unofficial Year of the Shark, the only people on it are the fishermen, the die-hard fitness people, and the turtle folks who make sure the beach is clean and any turtle nests are marked.  There are no bad days on the beach.
 I cannot identify this bouncy little songbird that has taken over the osprey nest on Topsail.  He (she?) struck up quite a pretty tune while behaving like an osprey by hovering over the nest and stretching out the ol'  wings.
This pigeon wasn't looking well when I cam across him under the pier.  He didn't mind me, and he seemed to feel safe in this under-the-pier cathedral.

This willet--well, I think his name is Echo.


  1. Hello, Echo (Hello Echo)

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  2. Always good to see your photos/post!!! And I do love the beach and the birds!! Hope you are enjoying a lovely early summer!!

  3. I love the Osprey wannabe. I bet it flies away when the owners show up. I guess sharks would keep people out of the water.

  4. lovely and peaceful...

  5. Wonderful shots of a wonder filled place.
    Often smaller birds nest in the lower portions of the big nests. They are safe from predators there. It is an odd sight.

  6. It looks so peaceful early morning !

  7. Enjoyed these so much. It's true - there is no bad day at the beach. The birds seem to know this.

  8. That little bird has delusions of grandeur! I'm so glad you're having a beautiful summer on the beach.

  9. Lovely moody photography, thanks for hosting Skywatch Friday.


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