Our World Tuesday: Bye, Bye, Wisdom Teeth

 Adella got her wisdom teeth out last week, and Clyde kept a careful eye on her recovery.  Nevertheless, she managed to get an infection in one of the teeth.  Total bummer.  (I don't understand why doctors feel the need to dig for teeth that aren't causing trouble that are way, way down there in the gums.  This dental spelunking seems a bit premature....)
 Maeve kept an eye on the perimeter while Adella nursed her gums and read Frankenstein.  She kept the bears away.  And the sparrows.
 Adella's aunt and cousins gave her some roses to sweeten her recovery.  They've held on for a week now.
Hoping all is well in your world--and that your smile is in no danger of sabotage from teeth lurking deep in your dental shadows.

Our World Tuesday


  1. Oh, why indeed do dentists make those kinds of decisions??? I'll never understand!! Do hope she is feeling better quickly!! Glad she has the doggies for comfort and companionship!! They do make a big difference, don't they!! Give her a hug for me and I hope you both have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Glad to see you both, thoughQ

  3. Both my kids had their wisdom teeth pulled. From what I understand it is a 20 minute procedure. At $1800.00 a shot I can guess why they think it *needs* to be done. Ca-ching!

  4. They didn't find mine lurking in the depths (back in the dark ages when I was a teenager) -- then when I was a young mother (with a husband in college and no insurance) an xray found two infected wisdom teeth growing on one lower side, burrowing into bone. No wonder my jaw hurt. It was major surgery -- hospital stay etc. (Would have destroyed my face eventually if the infection hadn't killed me first.)

    Believe me, when the dentist suggested our kids have their 'buried' wisdom teeth taken out, we did it!! But quick.

    Still I do remember my kids suffering just like your daughter - it's no fun, but seriously better than taking the chance on what could happen.

  5. I hope Adella I fully recovered now. Nice to see the doggies. Clyde looks to be getting a little grey around the muzzle. Sweet boy.


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