Our World Tuesday: Grey Towers, Milford, Pennsylvania

On Black Friday, we took a walk around Grey Towers, the estate of conservationist Gifford Pinchot, who was a forester, a conservationist, and the chief of forestry under President Theodore Roosevelt.
 Grey Towers was designed by Richard Morris Hunt, the preeminent American architect of the 19th century.  The home blends beautifully with the landscape, which didn't exist when the home was built in 1886.  At the time, it was common practice to strip land of trees and plant anew.

 We really enjoyed all the nooks and alcoves and corners that blended with the landscape.  I'm grateful to Gifford Pinchot for giving the estate to the American people.

Here, the kids are sitting in the garden of "The Bait Box," the playhouse the Pinchot's built for their only child.

 It was a beautiful and quiet hour in a lovely place. I love spending time with my daughters and my nephews.  They are easy-going, so they have an easy time being interested and entertained by whatever they see.

Enjoy your week!

Our World Tuesday


  1. Great post and photos for the day, Sandy, as always! And, as always, a great way to start mine!! Have a lovely new week!!

  2. sounds peaceful and serene!

  3. How lovely it's been to meet you there!

    Warm ALOHA,


  4. Interesting place with great photo opportunities!
    Hope you are doing good!

  5. Great way to spend a Black Friday. I had to go to a store for the first time in years cuz our microwave crapped out on us. I still got some outside time though.

    My Dad was a Forest Ranger so we heard a little bit about Gifford Pinchot. He was really kind of a visionary guy. Hard to find these days.

  6. Sandy, you and your family spent Black Friday the best possible way ~ away from crowded shopping malls. The weather was beautiful the day after Thanksgiving here, too. It looks like we're going to have spring-like temps next week unlike our chilly weekend forecast. May you & your family have a joyful Christmas and a blessed new year!

  7. Always nice to keep busy seeing new things.
    May as well enjoy.

  8. Happy New Year! A nice place to relax and enjoy the peace of nature.


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