Adella had a concert in Indianapolis, Indiana, over the weekend.  She was a part of the Music for All honor band.  While she was practicing, we were wandering around the city and dodging the Big 10 fans as we took in the war memorials.  This memorial to the men from Indianapolis who had participated in World War I was astounding.  It celebrated youth and virility and patriotism at the same time it acknowledged the horrible loss of that war.

Let's hear it for showing up and doing your best.


  1. I hope that she had a rewarding time in Indianapolis. On instagram it looked like she was exhausted afterward.

    I love how you find the noble places when you go somewhere.

    Kansas City has a wonderful WWI memorial.

  2. you certainly get around, I'd love to visit some new museums...

  3. I have so enjoyed my visit to your wonderful blog. I love all the photos on here and am a new follower of your lovely blog.I hope to come back and read more. I enjoyed seeing the memorial to the men who lost their lives in the war. Hope you are doing well. cheers from wild west coast of Canada.

  4. This memorial really was amazing. Indianapolis was amazing. East Coast girl that I am, I had no idea what to expect here. I found a strong, friendly, deeply rooted place where the people gave everything they had to their country. For me, the experience was amazing. I see all the stupid nonsense in the news, and I wonder what the world is coming to. Then, I step out and live and realize that the overwhelming majority of us are just trying to do right by the people we love. The monuments in Indianapolis were a tribute to that quality.

    It's a sad fact of the matter that public school teachers need a healthy dose of what is good about America to get through the day. Too many kids are acting stupid, and too many others are acting judge and jury for us to keep a clear vision of America.

    There were about 2,000 young people involved in Music for All. Let's hear it for them for being committed to art. May they clarify our vision of the future.

  5. It does me good to hear about kids doing well. And about REAL patriotism rather than the false kind that is being broadcast by irresponsible wanna-be "leaders" right now.

    Congratulations to your brilliant and talented daughter.

  6. Indiana Worls War Memorial is a great tribute to the soldiers who laid down their lives in the war. The building's facade is beautiful.


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