Our Neighbor, the Osprey

Meet the dude who lives three doors down with his wife.  This osprey is a very busy bird who talks non-stop and doesn't mind distracting the featherless, wingless biped neighbors from their responsibilities.  Do anything, he says, but don't look at the nest.  The osprey is a fighter and a survivor, a hunter and a lover and a homemaker.  I know this is true because I have seen these birds in action, and I have read the Audubon field guide.  Somehow, the gesture in this image reminds me of my daughter playing the dulcimer--both of which make me think of patting my head and rubbing my stomach at the same time.

There is poetry and beauty and love and passion and grace in this bird.  I wish I could say something brilliant about it.  But I have nothing.

Be well, and remember the talonned fellow who is always watching and could make a snack of your dog.  Be humble.


  1. great photo-captures the personality of that bird!

  2. We have some of his cousins nearby -- not quite so close. You live in a better neighborhood!

  3. wonderful to live so close
    and get to see it in different action and life


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