America: Honesty, Hard Work, Helping Each Other Out

Click the image and listen to the speech.  Because Obama tries to be a good dad.  And he has  never quit.


  1. I enjoyed his talk..

  2. Thank you Sandy -- it was so good (we listened at the time and I would listen again right now except Bill has good music on and I don't want to get my earphones. (The mixed blessings of small home living.)

  3. The democrats are so corrupt. They want to destroy and enslave America.
    All the work your Dad did was for nothing.
    Have you not been watching Hannity?
    With Cosby, so many people stood up and forced the system to look at him.
    Not so with Clinton.
    Lynch did not do her job. She must have been threatened by Bill with goons or the IRS.
    This is how this couple control people.
    You need to watch and learn Sandy.
    Sandy Hook is the result of Clinton.Hate from black lives matter is the result of Clinton and Obama who encourage them.
    Today, with so many people on drugs, police have no way of knowing who they are
    dealing with. The country is run on fear.
    Trump behaves the way he does for the same reason. He is audited every year by Mr Obama. His family threatened.
    So many bad things are going on with this Hillary it is unbelievable.
    Many people are hurt and will get hurt if she is elected.

  4. A Lady's Life,
    Trump is no victim. He is a dangerous demagogue.
    Your response offers no substance or reason. This is typical of the conservative platform.
    Be well, and vote with your conscience, as I will.


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