Lawn Chairs

Lawn chairs for me are the vehicles of time travel:
Plastic webbing, aluminum tubing, Space-Age curves
The sound of crickets, the smell of pine, a setting sun
And I am there in my grandmother’s backyard
The pine trees came from Vermont years ago and she
Planted them in the southeast corner to create privacy
Because the neighbors were otherwise very close.
When I looked up, I saw Vermont and pine cones and imagined snow
And quiet and winter and another time completely
Before I was born and therefore could not feel alone
And inadequate and so much less than what they wanted.
Two trees and their distant pine cones became my forest.
By day my grandmother and I sat under those trees in summer
To feel cool and faraway, and she lit incense
She was sure would smell like pot to the neighbors.
It was a small back yard, but it was old and the grass was thick
That knew the bare feet of generations of my family.
Give me a lawn chair, and I will tell you about a grandmother
Who knew her stories were worth telling because
They belonged to both of us and said love because
So many before us found that life was worth living.  
Her summer daisy chain
Of sitting under trees and feeling the cool was the gift of time
And of all who loved us but were gone.


  1. What lovely memories.
    Those lawn chairs have been the seats of many a time travels and memories here too.

  2. Thank you for sharing your treasures with us!

  3. Beautiful poem (prose poem?) and wonderful tribute . I hope my grandchildren will have some such fond memories.

  4. Oh, Sandy! This is just so beautifully descriptive. You took me right to your grandmother's yard. This deserves to be sent off and published. More people need to read this. I loved both my grandmothers and they loved me. I spent a lot of time with both of them, listening to their stories. I keep them close to me with the remembering. I will never stop missing my grandparents.


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