My World Tuesday: Perspective

A few weeks ago, a storm rolled in while I was out for  a walk.  Nobody seemed to notice as the beach-chair sitting continued, children built castles, and the swimmers and surfers did their thing.
The rain came, the wind blew, and the storm passed.  A new day rolled in, and on we went.  This is our beautiful world where people are people and the clouds have the last word.

Our World Tuesday


  1. Both shots are excellent each in their own way.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Ominous looking clouds rolling over your area. Enjoy those beautiful skies...

  3. It's all fun until I hear thunder or see lightning and then I'm outta there.

  4. life is a balance between differing forces...adjusting and surviving with gratitude and energy.

  5. These are marvelous shots!

  6. It's important right now to know the storms will pass .... and that most people are decent. And I'm with her too. But you probably already knew that.


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