Skywatch Friday: Turtles? There Is Your Sunshine

Take a look at this little painted turtle.  I carried him (her?) across a narrow bridge that s/he might see another day in North Carolina.  But look.  The turtle is beautiful.  A work of art.  The colors on the shell suggest dappled light, shadow, sunlight.  The turtle hissed when I picked her up:  "Put me down, damn it."

But how do you do that?  

Here is the source of that dappled light.  Here is the source interpreted by that little turtle into a work of art.
Can you do better?

Be humble.  A brighter day will come.

Skywatch Friday


  1. Very beautiful Skywatch post, so pretty the turtle.

  2. Beautiful! The best art is from Nature. Thank you for caring for the turtle (I'm sure s/he was grateful after the initial shock.)

  3. Stopped by to say Hi


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