The Sea Turtles in North Carolina

My nephew Adam and I visited the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital on Topsail Island last week.  The place was hopping with visitors and turtles recovering from cold stunning or boat injuries or mystery ailments.  The hospital is staffed by volunteers and funded by contributions.  

In addition to caring for sick or injured turtles, the Hospital patrols the beach each morning for new nests, marks them when they find them, clears trash, and educates a curious public.
So far this year, there are 103 nests on the island.  Last fall, the towns "nourished" the dunes by adding dredged sand.  This sand is more coarse than the talcum-like sand I have seen over the last decade or so.  This year, the ladies are making their nests higher on the dunes than on previous years.  Perhaps the quality of the sand is helping them nest higher up?  
The turtle in the video below suffered an injury that makes it hard for him to dive.  The basket in his big tub is there to help him practice staying under water.
The turtle hospital folks are amazing, kind, and generous people.  They are unlike the folks who asked the town of North Topsail to reconsider its ordinance requiring people to take their beach tents and toys home at night.  These people argued that they had a right to the convenience of leaving their stuff their because of their age.  The town saw things differently, arguing that the island is a turtle sanctuary.  I am grateful that kindness prevailed.


  1. So interesting, nice videos.

  2. It's good there are those who care...

  3. I love it when people get out of themselves and help others for no good reason besides they care.

    Things kind of click with me now. The town where we are staying has a new ordinance requiring that all personal belongings including umbrellas and shelters have to be off the beaches by sunset. I thought it was an appearance thing but maybe part or all of it is a turtle thing.

  4. Glad to see what's going on there and to hear of the ordinance. Thanks

  5. Restores your faith in humanity.

  6. I too am grateful such people exist

  7. Good Lord -- are you saying that it was old people (like me) who wanted to leave their beach stuff there all night? Give me a break -- how embarrassing.

    We visited a turtle rehab place on the Gulf Coast of Texas years ago and were so impressed. We watched some of them being released -- they do such good work. On the beaches we visit in Florida there are always places marked off for the nests.

  8. This place is not too far from us. We were fortunate to visit there last summer. So encouraging to hear about all the volunteers helping preserve these amazing animals!


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