Our World Tuesday: On Wings of Eagles

On the line between Watertown and Woodbury, Connecticut, are three metal sculptures of eagles and the invitation to take photos.  One eagle bears the US flag and dog tags; it carries the message of grief and patriotism and honor.  The other two eagles on a scrap of Connecticut farmland are all muscle and power and intention.

They're beautiful.  I would love to know who created them, how he learned the craft, how he came to so passionately create eagles.

I would love to learn these things in a conversation free of the party politics of the hour.  I believe that the patriotism that drives the artist is the patriotism that drives me.   It deserves a stronger voice.

When Ed and I stopped to take pictures a few weeks ago, a non-English-speaking Slavic family also stopped for pictures.  Unlike us, they posed with the eagles. I watched them and thought of my Google news feed and the stories of Putin and Snowden and doping.  That was one world.  The world where I live and families from far away show up for pictures with anonymous sculptures of bald eagles is all about finding a good place to work hard and make a safe world for your kid.

That's what we're here for.  That's what America does.

Our World Tuesday


  1. Wow - those eagles are majestic!

  2. AMEN! You are posting some wonderful posts lately especially, S!


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