Skywatch Friday: What We Saw Two Days Ago

The morning in this photo follows a night of.  (There goes that dysphasia again.)   It was a night of thunder and lightning.  (Dysphasia = I am thinking.  It is not a disorder but an experience of being deeply engaged with the world around me, which requires my understanding that I am not the center of the world but a part of it.  This is not a political statement, except that it is.)  The night of thunder and lightning precluded my being at the turtle nest where the eggs are due to hatch within the next few days.  Electrocution does not appeal to me.

Back to the morning in this photo, though.  Into it walked myriad fisherpeople with their little wagons of fish food and human snacks and possibly beer.  Into it walked the Mormons and their bazillion relatives in solar-safe swimwear that might have passed for burqinis--except.  They're Mormons.  They read from a different book that reads metaphor as literal truth. It's interesting that competing mythologies strive for the same goals--the repression of women, the conquest of the world--with the same sad results.  Into it walked the birds who sing in the holly bush that is home to snakes and muskrats and birds.

Go  to the beach.  Build castles.  Stay past dark.  Wake up there.  Understand that in the big cosmic picture, you don't count for beans.  And then have some fun.

Skywatch Friday


  1. I like your poetry which echoes my own truth; and I like your clouds which also echo my Hawaii Photo of the (To)Day.

    Wishing you all the Best, Sandy. I find myself savoring your posts as a special treat.

  2. Hi Sandy,

    It is after long time I visit your space. Feels good.

    Your writing and photos are brilliant and getting more universal.

    Sleeping under sky well past dark on a beach will sure make one see much larger picture of life than few immediate worries. I love doing it.
    You put it in words so well!

    Please convey my regards to Andry.

  3. trying to figure out how to respond positively to your negative comments about Mormons and lumping us with Muslims and burgas...hmm solar safe swimwear-never heard of that and I live in UTah-I do wear a one piece swimsuit though. As for metaphors believed as truth...isn't a metaphor a symbol of something true? Trying to show a different way of looking at life? I think there is value in all people despite their religions or non-beliefs if we don't judge others but look for the value that each person has.

  4. "Between the turtles and the stars, we make friends."Beautiful post and great work. Good to see you again!

  5. A quiet beach is the best place to contemplate life ... and still to be happy in spite of it all.

  6. I'm up for the beach!

    The Mormon thing is more complicated. My mother's huge Irish Catholic family in Idaho turned about 3/4 Mormon. They are all nice people. Their beliefs though don't really have much place for women, especially women who are not married.

    Growing up in that environment was smothering to some extent.

    There are specialty LDS swimwear shops though.

  7. Love the photo-and your words gave me something deep to think about which a good thing : )


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