Skywatch Friday:Bigger than the Storm

Last week, Adella and I stole away to Topsail before she had to get ready for college.  It was a magical time of breezes, sunshine, humidity, heat, and a thunderstorm that, as my father would say, would make a believer out of you.  

I took this photo the morning after that storm.  I had a lovely walk on some packed-down sand into the cool air.  It was interesting for me to watch the early morning unfold:  surf-casters were out there with their fishing poles, dog people were playing catch, turtle people were keeping the beach right, sandpipers were hunting for breakfast, and there I was in my sneakers making the same walk I had made every day we had been there. 

How was this possible after several hours of excruciating thunder, lightning, wind, and rain? Why didn't the world look  different?  Feel different?  Make us stop and wait and do something to show we noticed what had happened the night before?

The hard sand of that morning made me think of the words of one of the turtle ladies at our nest two nights before.  She said the mama turtles slam down the sand after they lay their eggs.  They do not gently toss the sand over the next generation; they smack it down. How does anybody push through that? I wondered.

Not every turtle makes it through.  Some die trying.  The ones who do make it, though, take on the entire ocean and come back to continue the cycle of life.  The first test is a big one, but if you pass it, you pass it. Amazing things become possible.

Watching the morning unfold that day, I was amazed by how we take what is amazing for granted.  That's how rich we are in this beautiful world.   

May we be grateful.


  1. nature is truly amazing and shows us so many life lessons!

  2. greetings for Adella...beautiful words Sandy!

  3. That is a beautiful morning photo, makes you feel good to be alive
    Thanks for visiting my blog

  4. Thank you for the positive thoughts and the meditative photo! you are (as usual) right on my wave length and expressing it more beautifully than I could hope to do.

    Didn't realize your daughter would be going away to college this year -- time flies. Big ... and biittersweet -- time!

  5. Yep, nature truly is amazing. Sea turtles are amazing. I've never seen one in the wild but I have seen salmon near Seattle fighting to go upstream on a fish ladder. Their effort to get to the spawning grounds is awe inspiring. I had read about it but didn't have a clue until I saw it.

  6. Exactly why I have two sea turtles tattooed on my shoulder. I survived the early tests! That is an AMAZING photo, S!

  7. Thats a great picture - not seen you around for a while - probably my lack of visits!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. What a wonderful view!


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