If You Care About Your Future, Vote for It

Watching the debate tonight, after the narcissistic orange idiot has been revealed bragging about sexual assault, I marvel that the creep who has served nobody but himself dares to argue that he has something to offer anybody but himself while he has tried to rip apart a woman who has served this country largely outside of the limelight.  Trump is a filthy pervert who has never done anything for anybody.  

And he refers to his opponent as "her."  

When we were kids, my sister and I caught flak from our father for referring to our mother as "her."  She was mom, our mother, a person--a human being.  Trump can't do that when he refers to his opponent.  And his opponent is not just Hillary Clinton but every woman who has posed an obstacle to him.  It is every rule that has gotten in the way of his greed.   

Finding fault with others in no way replaces real evidence of capability.  

Watching the debate tonight made me sick.  Hillary Clinton is a public servant with a proven track record.  Donald Trump is a greedy, incompetent pervert who excels at being a jerk and slamming people around.

Sweet Jesus, help us.


  1. The scary thing is that many of the people I know still support the GOP candidate despite the latest. Morally bankrupt is the term that comes to mind.

  2. Thanks for sharing dear

  3. We are following the debate here in Italy.

  4. hopefully good comes from all this hateful display of egotism...

  5. I can't say anything else but that I agree with everything you say -- except to add that I will never again respect anyone who tells me they will vote for "him".

  6. WOW!!
    Can anyone agree that Trump was working for TV entertainment and anything goes on TV?
    Clinton has been in it for herself since day one.

    All the people who died in Haiti today can this not be blamed on the Clintons who had money to build good homes for them to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes?

    only 6% of their foundation goes for causes the rest goes into their pocket.
    And the fact they money launder through two foundations Bill has.... nothing gets through to people?

    The fact he speaks to people Judges ....before Hillary to set things up and threatens people and pays people off... that means nothing to people??

    If your daughter gets into trouble, do you think these people will every care or help put her into the ground? They have so much blood on their hands.

    THE US needs house cleaning and Trump stands alone and you can't see this??

    No red flags come up when every one is told to go against him or lose their jobs?
    My God!
    I sure hope your daughter does not get invited to play for Bill when he has nothing to do sitting in washington cause she will be playing his flute and the President will put her in jail instead of him.
    ay yay yay.

  7. Clinton was a public servant however she was not busy serving the people but herself. She was busy growing her web of entitlement.They put their own people in key positions in Arkansas and they put their own people in Washington.She had tons of time to do it with the help of her money laundering Foundation.

    Because of these two people, Obama and the super packs supporting them, you cannot trust the checks and balances the US created to stop people like that from hijacking the country. Remember that Priest Wright?? He promised this would happen./
    Today they use the Constitution to destroy a country. They are doing it in Canada as well.

    The only way multiculturalism can work is if everyone is on the same page but here the Clintons are doing something else. And why not? Emelda Marcos got away with it
    Yassar Arafat. The only way to control the people is smile kiss and bank rupt them.
    Banks are taking money out of the country. Jobs are leaving and the wrong people are coming in and taking over. People who have no moral ethical or life attachments to this country.

    RED FLAGS are everywhere.

    The time for BREXIT had come and the time, when people of the United States have to wake up and take their country back to what made it great and respected in the world.
    Just think.
    No one likes Clinton except the Arabs. So where is all this going?
    Why are the Arabs coming to the US...... because they love her?
    And who will the US be at war with next? Russia? China?
    Certainly North Korea will be dangerous since it is a mans' world out there.
    Look whats going on in Sweden Germany and France. Women are being attacked and groped by men on the street. They also say American women like to be raped, so rape will increase.
    All this chaos will bring in Marshall Law and every ones' rights will be revoked.

    Trump is the least of your problems.
    He is an angel compared to the rest of them.

    He is taking a great personal risk himself to lose everything since the IRS is in cahouts with the President. That's why he doesn't care and is spending the money.
    If he wins, America wins.


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