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The Atlantic: DailyTuesday Nov 1, 2016
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Twilight for Trump: A series of new allegations against the Republican nominee emerged last night: that his company had a secret server communicating with a Russian bank, that the Kremlin launched an operation to make him a Russian asset, and that he further exploited loopholes to avoid paying federal income tax. These reports aren’t definitive, however, and the former two are in dispute. Perhaps more concerning, as voters prepare to head to the polls, are the numerous allegations that Trump’s party is coordinating widespread efforts to intimidate voters by following people, interrogating them, and even calling 911 to report cases of “voter fraud.”
Countdown for Clinton: She’s still dealing with fallout from FBI Director James Comey’s announcement about her emails, but at this point, most of the political backlash is directed at Comey himself (though some of our readers defended him). Now, at the end of a long slog of a campaign, her team is having to reckon with what can possibly follow one of the ugliest elections in recent memory. So, if a woman does win the White House, what’s next? Here’s what people predicted a hundred years ago.
And for the Rest of Us: If all this is giving you agita, you’re not alone. Fifty-two percent of Americans say the election is a significant source of stress, with high stakes, unpredictable outcomes, and a constant barrage of ugly attacks and revelations combining to create a national climate of anxiety. You can’t even relax over a cup of coffee; Starbucks just revealed that its holiday cup design is meant to be a statement against divisiveness, which just goes to show how far that sense of division has permeated. For more evidence, look to the pop charts: The longest-running No. 1 song of 2016 is the Chainsmokers’ “Closer,”a wistful duet that captures the weariness of America.


A voter poses outside an early-voting polling station in Chicago, Illinois, on October 31, 2016. See more photos from the campaign season here.(Joshua Lott / AFP / Getty)


  1. This and former post really express how I feel (and fear)

    We'll get through this. Keep speaking out

  2. I hope to vote early and get it over with...

  3. Here in Oklahoma we are basically disenfranchised because the tea party is so strong.

    The election does cause me anxiety, and I am not one who gets anxious about much.

  4. I am very worried. Very. Holding my breath until Wednesday morning, but I am fearful even with the best result (and the only thinkable/bearable one) that our national nightmare will not be over. The Orange one and his deluded masses are not going to go away.

  5. at least it's soon over.


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