Our World Tuesday: Salem, Massachusetts

 We celebrated my 50th birthday over the weekend by making a visit to Salem en route to the music store in Boston, where we bought Adella a professional clarinet. I love Salem, but we hadn't been back for five years (One tenth of my lifespan--How did that happen?), so we squeezed in a quick walk while we waited for Beantown to wake up.   There we saw the statue of Elizabeth Montgomery of the TV series Bewitched--even if there were no witches in Salem and she wasn't from there, anyway!
 An artist named Patrick Dougherty worked with a bunch of people to make this art installation, Stickwork. It looked to me like "the birdhouse meets the Dutch shoe," but it was hard to tell if any birds were calling these pieces made from saplings their home.
 We didn't have time to stop into The House of Seven Gables, but there it was.  Another time!
At the Customs House, I gave ol' Hester Prynne a thought and wished myself back to the 19th century and Hawthorne's time in town as a civil servant, litterateur, and Puritan/critic of Puritans.

A park ranger at the harbor took our photo, and we're grateful.  He and his colleagues were working on some ship's masts and seemed not at all bothered by the wind that kept us on our toes!

I hope you have a great week!

Our World Tuesday


  1. What a fun time. A belated happy birthday to you. Amazing how Adella grew up right before our eyes.

  2. Well Happy Birthday!!! I went through Salem years ago on a visit.

  3. Belated birthday wishes Sandy!

  4. Happy 50th! Thanks for the pictures. The Stickwork is especially cool.

  5. So nice spending this time with you

  6. what an interesting historical place!

  7. B-lated birthday wishes! Just realized that you are younger than even my youngest child. What a fun place to celebrate that milestone. A gift enough to be in that interesting place with your wonderful daughter. My kind of celebration.

    I read carefully all of your post-election posts and appreciated and agreed with your thoughts but was unable to comment (and not just because I had a broken han) -- I just had no adquate words.


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