We stopped at St. George's Episcopal Church in Middlebury, Connecticut, on Saturday to get a look at the gingerbread village there before the various pieces went to the homes of the purchasers.  The details on this cottage were exquisite, right down to the wood grain of the shutters.

 This bakery had confections in the shop windows.

 These snow people were having some fun while the gingerbread people were skiing around the pretzel reindeer.

 This South of the Border shop added some color to the snowy scene.

 And these confectioners had some fun with triangles.

Our World Tuesday


  1. how fun and creative-love the leaning tower of pizza...lol!

  2. It's always special when I see a post from you, Sandy. Wishing you all the best this season <3

  3. These are so artistically created. Bravo.

  4. These made me smile, especially the leaning tower of pizza.

  5. Fun! They all made me smile -- what a nice fundraiser. I like the pretzel reindeer and the skaters. And the detail in the bakery windows.

  6. These r really nice.
    I always wonder what happens to them after Christmas
    Do people eat them?
    I guess so. lol


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