Earth, Day 1

Fragments of everything
Are cast upon this beach
Three calm days
After two summer storms
Electrified and wrenched
From the guts of the sea
Stones, shells, fossils, stones,
Small and ancient living things.

It’s all there.

We who took cover
From the threat of storms
And stood
Behind glass
Did not fathom
The depth and degree of violence
That turned the Atlantic inside out.

Here is the detritus
Of Earth, Day 1,
And every other day of our beginnings.  

What do we make of all of this--
What we see and can name,
What we see and cannot name?

We peer into the creased, coarse sheets
Of our story strewn across this beach,
And even kneel down,
The better to see it all.

Perhaps we will find a shark’s tooth.

Or something.