Arachne Was a Suicide

Arachne was a suicide.
Then, she was a spider.
Because Athena took pity
On the shepherd's daughter
She slapped around
After the child showed
She was every bit the weaver
Athena was
And dared to know it.

The act of daring to dream?

Arachne's tapestry told a different story
From Athena's.
The girl celebrated mortals
While the goddess celebrated immortals.

Arachne didn't ask permission.
She didn't need it.

Athena destroyed her work.
Arachne destroyed herself.

And then Athena
Brought her back to life
To spin and spin and spin

For eternity.

So she does.

And she has woven the veil
Through which I glimpse paradise
This morning
In the form of a swamp
That does not invite me in

Though I am free to watch
And imagine the life of a pond lily.