Imagine the love:
Zeus constelating heaven
With your stars:
Mentor, healer, solitary wanderer
Born of a nymph,
Born of shape-shifting Kronos
Whose boundless passion
He would not, could not,
Ultimately did not
Explain to the daughter of Gaia.
And here you are:
Solitary wanderer, healer, mentor
Wise in the ways of love
Because, student of Apollo,
 You feel the music
Of the soul.
Peleus won Thetis with your help.
They gave us Achilles
And you taught him to play the lyre.
You have the gift of prophecy and healing,
But you cannot stop time.
You could not stop Heracles,
Whose poisoned arrow slew you
Quite by accident.
You surrendered your immortality,
So deep was your agony,
So true was your passion.
Nor would Zeus stop time
Though he could constelate the universe
With his brother’s story.
Imagine the love.


  1. "constelating heaven
    With your stars" Wow. This is your uniqueness expressing itself


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