The Intracoastal Waterway: For the Birds

This evening, I slipped into the Intracoastal Waterway and drifted into some good company.  I am not sure that these herons--blue and white--saw it the same way.   

 I kept a respectful distance, and the wind gods helped me along.  I wanted to get closer without stressing the birds.  The great blue cackled something ("It's her again.  Peace out!") and moved along.  The white heron put up with me a bit longer.
 And then I sailed beyond the sunset--almost.
 Tonight was not unlike last night, except that no two nights are the same.  The magic, the water, what Heraclitis said  It's true.  Neither we nor the water are the same; we are changed by it and we bring change to it.  Good to know.
 Talk about feng shui.  Look at these guys hanging out at the bar after their ladies left them.  The heron of this heron-priested shore tolerated me the longest.
Here is the osprey couple, the first birds I came across last night.  They tolerated me for a good while.  I appreciate that kind of hospitality.

It's a humble and beautiful thing, being a part of this world.  All these treasures.  Just look.