The scene: Jesus is crucified, dies, and is sealed in his tomb.
Then:  Rumor has it he defies death after three days in the dark.
Meaning:  Apostles say he has walked with them.
So:  Everyone is happy and talking about a prophecy and a miracle.

But:  Thomas misses it, so he says to the thin air,
“Show me your wounds, Jesus,
And I will believe you’re the real deal.”

The scene:  Jesus gives it a week, shows up, and thinks out loud:
You need wounds, Thomas? You got ‘em.

Thomas hears:
“Thomas, touch my wounds and believe.”

Thomas is one of those concrete-thinker types
Who is always saying, “Show me.”

Bet your life he irked his classmates
For asking that one last question
When everyone else had their books closed
And the main office was about to call the buses.
That kid always wanted to know how things worked.
Breaking things down in his mind; putting them back together.
Thomas sought the missing parts.

The point: Thomas the concrete thinker
Wanted the real deal, solid and true, and broke through to Metaphor

That swims you to the cool dark of the sea
Wing you to the mothership blinking like a star
In the fathomless dark of night
Pins you down to the truth.

That’s what Thomas wanted.
That’s what the Jesus he imagined gave him.

Somehow Thomas figured out
It’s all in your head:
This business of being alive
And feeling life

And even taking the very serious risk
Of giving every bit of yourself away.

You can touch that.