Beyond Words

A few paces
Beyond that abyss
Where words
Dissolve into chaos,
Rendering themselves
Unknowable and beyond use,

There is silence
That will not be informed
By thought.

 In that space
There is the moon,
The morning star,
A dusting from the universe
Of light beyond imagining

And words?
They are the rungs on a ladder
That would take us there
If only it were possible.

We are such very small
Players on a vast stage.
 Still, Mercy has its place.

When you smile,
You shake my world,
Knocking the stars out of alignment,
Casting me into the dark paradise
Of freedom,

Where there are, as yet,
No words.


  1. I love "...Unknowable and beyond use..."

  2. Thank you for being such a lovely honest poet


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