Claiming Bathsheba

Wisdom comes to life in the heart.
Think of Solomon and the baby
That would be halved
If his mother could not let him go
That he might live. 

That was a brutal test,
But Solomon knew
Truth is swiftly found
In a true heart.

The second child
Of beautiful Bathsheba and David,
Shepherd son of a son of Abraham
Who rose to greatness
When he slew Goliath
And thereafter enjoyed tremendous power.

David took Bathsheba:
She was beautiful and he wanted her.

The story is that simple.

 My translation of the Bible
Calls this adultery. Lust. Evil. 
My Bible is always doing that:
Calling every just move
A transgression.

 If my Bible is correct
Then the lesson here
Is that we must
Cross the line
Claim beauty for our own
Go deep inside the mystery
For wisdom
 And offer it to the world.

We could not know
The beauty, the power, of insight
If the child David had not first slain a monster
And thereby claimed his birthright.

We cannot know where life will take us,
 But we can know that we absolutely must go.

David gave us life
And we call him a king.