Consider the Lilies

Consider the lilies,
He said,
How they do not toil or spin,
And I did.

I considered them:
I got down on my hands and knees,
Belly to the ground,
And pushed my hungry face
Deep into the blossoms.

I breathed in the flowers,
And I took in everything--
Blossoms, stems, leaves, roots--
Right down to the hard dark
Of deep earth,
Where life begins.

And I’ll be damned,
But I cannot explain myself.

I ate those flowers
One at a time--
A sacramental rite,
The claiming and naming,
Knowing and feeling
The pulse of those flowers,
My pulse,
The freedom.

You know it.
It is your pulse.

There can be no sorrow in this.
No anger.  No fear. No doubt.

There can be only joy
Rooted in the evanescence
Of every dream--
Which is to say,



  1. I have considered flowers that were so pretty and fragrant that I almost felt invited to eat them.


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