Like Odysseus

I dissolved into sleep last night,
Drifting on the same waves that carried
Sleeping Odysseus To Ithaca--
A journey safe, swift, and kind.

 The sea delivered me
Into the arms of Athena,
Who veiled my eyes in spindrift,
Who dissolved me into sand and silence,
 And bade me feel
The rhythm of my own heart
In it own place in its own time,
Which has come.

And I feel the pulse of the sea,
The music of my heart.
 In fact, I live it.

Like Odysseus,
Whom Athena awoke to the urgency
Of his purpose,
Who thought and fought for his love
And won her and moved on.

I know the urgency of the story.
I tell it.
I am invisible, and I love
To the very end.


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