Consolation Prize

What did Delilah have
That pushed Samson
To the edge of himself?
And why did he test her?
Why did he totally miss her?

The error cost him his eyes.

And what was she doing
To play with such passion?
What did she gain?

I can do the English teacher thing
And say
When a character loses his eyes,
He gains insight.
(What the hell else is there
In that darkness?
And why are we all about
The consolation prize?)

But here's the question I can't answer:
How could she be such a whore?

Rephrased:  What did he feel
When he looked at her?
To what did he surrender himself
That he might bring down the temple of the Philistines
After her betrayal?

And how was her betrayal
A gift to Samson?

It was.

Something to do with the
Consolation prize.

It was.
But neither of them could see.


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