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Cold night, heavy rain
Late October
You stay up
And wait for the light
To see what’s left

 But you know.

You feel the needles,
Leaves, and broken limbs
Under your bare feet
As you duck under
Severed power lines.

You know.

There remains
Above you, around you,
In the dark
Fragments of a fallen season.

 You know.

 Light comes
And there is a vaster sky
Blue like you never saw before.
The crisp air
Offers a new season.
 It’s November.
 It’s cold.
 November: why we learned to build fires,
Why we gather ’round them,
Why we cherish the stories we find there.

 You know.

Uranus and Gaea

The stars:
     An ancient script
    Holding every story
    Ever lived
          Refusing words
          As inadequate
          To the mystery.

The Milky Way:
     Stories constellated
     In a conversation
     Between silence and solitude
         All fire and light
        On the limitless palette
        Of eternity.

The turtles:
     Silent and solitary as stars
     Emerging from the sea
     To punctuate our story
        With life
         That begins and ends
          In endless silence and solitude.

Uranus and Gaea:
     Between the turtles and the stars
     Creating this moment
     Creating every moment
        Embodying eternity
        Embodying the mystery
        In their embrace.

The Love You Deserve

The diving in,
The moving through water,
The water moving you:
A good swim
Is a tight embrace,
A liberation,
A shared solitude,
A deep breath,
A rising to the blue sky,
Saying out loud, "Damn, that is blue."
And going down again.

That is the present.
That is accepting
The love you deserve.

Breaking into Secrets

Orpheus gave up on loving
After he lost Eurydice
To death
A second time.

So what about her?

Silent, peripheral,
Eternally so.

So she's worth thinking about:

Whatever he did not have or hold,
Could not say, do,
Or understand,
She was.

Think about it:
He gave up on generative love.
He died misunderstood.

Was he arrogant for presuming to take her?
To claim the chalice,
To drink fully of life?

Was he wrong to chance
The opportunity to be his own song
By claiming his muse--

To force his way
Into the secrets of his art
That he might know the divine?

Orpheus knew:
Without her,
He could not be himself.

Claiming Eurydice:
Claiming himself.

Love Aching for Life

The glint of setting sunlight
On the Connecticut River
Highlights the deep, yet softening, crease
Of time on this landscape.

The platinum light
Beguiles my attention
As I slip
Through the clouds

To paradise
And the sea,
The same light
Melding with the ever effacing shore:

All fire and heart,
So unlike
The cool and distant colors of home.

 Water, life, consciousness,
Every hope and dream:
Love aching for life:
To be.

Awaken Yourself

I don't know anything about the story behind this sculpture at Bard College at Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.  I do know, though, that I love that she is representational art on a college campus. When does that happen?  And here she is, unselfconsciously welcoming a new day, being herself inside her  body.  Loving the sun.